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GynoCart™ is a breakthrough device that is specifically designed for bedside examinations of hospitalized patients and emergency room visitors.

GynoCart™ enables a physician to perform an optimal bedside gynecologic urologic or proctoscopic exam on any hospitalized patient. The device wheels up to the foot of a hospital bed or emergency room stretcher. The patient moves to the foot of the bed and places her feet on the GynoCart™ stirrup assembly. GynoCart™ comes fully equipped with a powerful light source and stool. There are many storage compartments for supplies needed during gynecological, urological or proctoscopic exams (supplies are not provided with GynoCart™ but are placed there by the individual users). With GynoCart™ in place, any medical professional can now perform an optimal bedside exam with the comfort and ease typical of a full gynecologic exam table.

GynoCart™ helps you save Time, Money, and Reduce Risk.