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KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America offers an array of products to simplify tracheal intubation and other air way management applications including emergency and unexpectedly difficult intubations. Fiber-optic video intubation scopes, optical intubation stylets and video laryngoscopes create a comprehensive video intubation system. Fiberscopes specially designed for intubations have sandblasted shafts for easy insertion of endotra cheal tubes, with no need for lubricants. Other prod ucts include ergonomically optimized airway carts and standard laryngoscope blades with brilliant LED light sources.
A critical facet of the company s latest airway man agement products is its focus on offering systems-based solutions, rather than standalone devices. The result is product offerings that combine exceptional portability, affordability and flexibility.
KARL STORZ video laryngoscope blades have been shown to be beneficial in performing tracheal intubation in difficult airways. The portable C-MAC® Video Intu bation System has been designed for both expected and unexpected difficult airway situations, as well as stan dard intubations. Standard Macintosh blades are used to promote ease of use, with a reduced learning curve. The standard shaped blade also facilitates training, while its video output feature allows simultaneous viewing that enhances difficult airway management and teaching. Results of a recent study that compared the C-MAC® video laryngoscope with direct laryngoscopy suggest that combining the benefits of direct laryngoscopy with video laryngoscopy in one device may serve for both routine airway management and educational purposes. The C-MAC® system has benefited from the addition of Miller blades in sizes 0 and 1 for pediatric and neo natal intubations. And, a specialized blade, the dBlade?, which has a very acute angle, facilitates intubation of patients with very anterior airways.
KARL STORZ Brite Blade? laryngoscopes, with pat ented LED technology, continue to provide the bright est illumination of the airway among ?green standard? intubating laryngoscopes. A ?stubby handle? Brite Blade also is available, with a shorter handle that facilitates techniques used for pediatric and neonatal intubations. The stubby handle also allows easier positioning of the laryngoscope in obese patients whose greater chest wall mass can impede proper placement of standard laryngoscopes.
Expanding on the successful C-MAC® video laryn goscope, the new C-CAM? and C-HUB? platform rep resents an innovative system-based approach to airway management, allowing imaging challenges in every dis cipline to be overcome in both stationary and mobile settings, and offering an economic solution for doctors offices, intensive care and emergency medicine.
The new C-CAM? camera head used on the porta ble C-MAC® video screen incorporates the latest CMOS technology to provide a superior solution for applica tions with flexible intubation fiberscopes and optical sty lets. The ultra-small, ultra-light device is easy to hold and control, and provides plug-and-play ease of use. With it, the C-MAC® becomes a sys tem for airway management combining video laryngos copy with flexible fiberscopes and optical stylets.
The C-HUB? plat form allows direct connec tion with C-CAM?, flexible CMOS intubation scopes and C-MAC® laryngoscope blades, or to any size of exter nal display, as well as directly to any computer interface.