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Revolutionizing Precordial 12 Lead ECG Revolutionizing Precordial 12 Lead ECG
In emergency medicine, speed and accuracy save lives. Our CardioQuick Patch device revolutionizes precordial 12 lead ECG placement by elimuinating the time consuming process of individual lead placement with a unique precordial patch.
The ONLY "hands-free" method of eye irrigation The ONLY "hands-free" method of eye irrigation
The Morgan Lens is the only method of eye irrigation that does not require constant attention by medical personnel. Not only is this more comfortable for the patient, but it also allows medical staff to treat other patients or injuries.
The Morgan Lens
When emergency departments are faced with ocular trauma, they turn to the most effective method ...
GynoCart is a breakthrough device that is specifically designed for bedside examinations of hospitalized patients ...
The Dental Box Company, Inc.
The Dental Box® The Dental Box®, designed by an Emergency Physician, provides for the ...
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